Mortgage Center: Children are taught in classrooms without wooden roof

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Children are taught in classrooms without wooden roof

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . Spite of the low temperatures of basic education students from different municipalities of the state as in , Reynosa and Altamira, are taught in classrooms without wooden roof , reported the local legislator , Rogelio Ortiz Mar.

"In all municipalities have needs, we all schools sometimes with wooden classrooms , schools without roofs , are not a shelter for children are well protected , I think in all communities and in all regions have that problem, " he said.

The deputy said that these schools are in this situation because they are newly created and not because the Department of Education in Tamaulipas has not made the necessary steps to be assigned a budget.

He said it is up to parents if they say or not to send their children to schools, both rural and urban that do not have adequate infrastructure to protect children from low temperatures .

" Not all schools have the necessary safeguard to protect children in this cold weather infrastructure, encourage educational authorities, parents seek suitable mechanisms to serve these children."
Mar Ortiz declined to say how many schools are in this situation, however , insisted , both in urban and rural municipalities different among these, Reynosa and Altamira are in this situation.

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