Mortgage Center: July 2013

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Getting out of the impasses that occur in a negotiation

1. - Put a break, do not push too much, try to always leave an honorable solution to the other party

2. - Change of trading conditions:

- High-term
- A further advantage
- Alter payment schemes, etc..

but without altering the overall

3. - Suggest leaving for later the object of impasses and continue the negotiation

4. - Change the type of contract, specifications, etc..

- Instead of a fixed value, percentages

5. - Call a broker, a third person
6. - Ask the other party would instead

7. - Use your mood

8. - Try not to respond to other assaults, emotions considered incompatible with data, facts.

9. - Try to listen and point out to another that you are listening.

10. - Always Emphasize previous matches, never mismatches.

11. - Suggest a local change that negotiations continue over lunch, etc..